Thursday, December 21, 2006

This is Baby,
The Mascot of Joe's Heavy Metal

Shop Sign

This is my son Alex Harrison, painting a logo for the heavy metal shop.

Metal Men

Here are some kick ass Metal Men Sculptures
*Peavey Man before and after shot
*Toilet Man and the Blue Man
- Joe Harrison Jr.

Horse Stalls

Horse Stalls:

I designed this Horse Stall System and fabricated it completely by hand.
Complete with sliding doors that are amounted on a bearing and wheel assembly.
I made 10 sections - 12' x 12'

This was built for a private client
It took me 2 months

- Joe Harrison Jr.

Joe's Heavy Metal

This is a set of knives that I completely made by hand.

The blades were cut out with a plasma cutter from old refractory saw blades.

All grinding was done with a four inch grinder, including beveling and hollow-grinding the blades.

On installing handles NO epoxy glue was used.

Commission me today to make you a set of knives tommorrow!

- Joe Harrison Jr.